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JPEE Estonia Anthology Vol.01

This is a doujin anthology about Estonia by Japanese living in Estonia!

There is only one theme, "Estonia". From Japanese living in Tallinn, Estonian who are fluent in Japanese, to Japanese living in Japan who love Estonia. In full color of 74 pages, 8 Japanese and Estonians contributed to the wide range of topics.

  • Building a House in Estonia ... Shiori

  • Introduction to Estonian Heavy Metal ... Shinpuuu

  • The Story of the Oil Shale Industry ... Fumiyasu Sunagawa

  • Little Tips about Living in Estonia ... R.D.Sakamoto

  • My Taekwondo Life in Estonia ... Yumiko

  • Report: Doujin Activities in Estonia Repo ... Roua

  • Tradition of Estonian Smoke Sauna ... Janne

  • Estonian Day for Sauna ... Flatinum​



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Who is                  ?


JPEE is a doujin group based in Tallinn, ESTONIA.


Our aim is:

  • connects Japanese and Estonian culture.

  • spreads Japanese doujin activities in Estonia (& Europe).

Main Editors




What is Doujin?

In Japan, doujin (Japanese: 同人, Hepburn: dōjin) is a group of people who share an interest, activity, or hobby. Self-published creative works produced by these groups are also called doujin, including manga, magazines, novels, music (doujin music), anime, and video games (doujin soft). Print doujin works are collectively called doujinshi


- Doujin / Wikipedia 

Besides, we offer Japanese language lessons. For the online private lessons, contact us on our Facebook page.

Also, we organize Japanese class and cultural events with Jaapani Kultuuri Koda. Check their Facebook page too for upcoming fun activities!

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