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Tere! We're
Multitalented Mayvinim in Tallinn.

​From Japan, In Estonia, To World.


A small team based in Tallinn, Estonia. Each member has an exciting but global background.

We're here to support fun projects, connecting Japan and Estonia, Asia and Europe, or all over the world.


#Project managing, #Japan market, #Offshore development, #Product, #Edtech, #ERP, #Blockchain

#Anime, #Gaming, #Otaku, #???

Project Manager

5+years experience in IT projects (E-commerce, Blockchain, App) and global team managing.


English to Japanese. IT documents, project materials, hobby articles and events etc.

Product Manager

2+years experience in E-commerce and Edtech ERP products, with global tech teams.

Banners and Text

​Designing banners for JP market. Plus, researching and writing short articles or texts in JP.

Consultant Assistant

2+years experience in several projects in Japan. Plus supporting Estonian company registration.

Japanese Culture

Providing language classes and Drawing classes in Tallinn.

Culture-project: JPEE editors.


​Why we're special

We love techs and works (of course!), but also love Anime, Manga, and Games so much.

In today's world, where the latest technology intersects with such a subculture, our skills and experiences are extremely valuable, such as smooth communication within a team, and they can also be applied to unique marketing and branding for specific markets. 

Simoteniously, we actively engage in cultural activities alongside corporate endeavors,

aspiring to a futuristic society where people from various backgrounds coexist harmoniously, just like the ones depicted in Anime, Manga, and Games:)


See Roua's Bio


​Upcoming events


Our side-project (JP)

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