OÜ Roua is owned by Roua (@roua12tnt), located in Tallinn, ESTONIA. Feel free to talk to me!

I'm Roua from Japan, currently in Estonia.

Consultant, project manager, comic artist, and illustrator.

Love techs, drawing, gaming, and anime!

Please see my bio, artwork, and SNS.

Main Activities:

- Consultant work

- Project management (5+years exp in IT sector)

- Translating/Research/Document support (EN/JP)

- Illustration/design (Manga style)

- Whatever:)

Check About or Contact me for more information.

Email: roua@tnt.gonna.jp

Twitter/Instagram/Discord/VRChat: @roua12tnt


20.02-23.02.2022 NEOKET

01.02-14.02.2022 おもしろ同人誌バザール@東急ハンズ新宿

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