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Tere! We're
Multitalented Mayvinim in Tallinn.

​From Japan, In Estonia, To the World.


  • Support Japanese companies and individuals who want to expand outside the country or need better cooperation with companies and individuals outside the country

  • To connect Japanese people in Estonia and Europe and local people interested in Japanese culture but have little actual contact with it, and to create opportunities for sustained exchange.

  • Contribute to the technological expansion of the human space of activities, such as the internet, VR, and AR, from economic and cultural perspectives.


Company Overview

ROUA was founded in 2019 by Roua(@roua12tnt).

The company was set up to provide English-Japanese translation and interpreting services and to assist friends' activities in Estonia. Later on, it also consolidated freelance projects and contracts from overseas companies, which have been ongoing ever since. Major projects include managing IT development projects and consulting work for overseas expansion.

Although the COVID pandemic caused a significant drop in sales at one point, combined with the promotion of remote working worldwide, new contracts in Japan and Europe have increased since around 2021.

We have also gradually accumulated achievements and experience in side projects, which we started mainly as part of our marketing efforts during low activity. In addition to the “JPEE” activities, which focus on promoting Estonian culture and lifestyle in Japanese, there are also language, illustration, and manga workshops and participation in the local cultural events.


See Roua's Bio


​Upcoming events


JPEE Editors.

​Work with Us?

Development project support and assisting services

Supporting international projects, such as in the Japanese market, where development or procurement is carried out in countries or engineers outside Japan. 

Past Project Examples:

  • Product Manager in Edtech Startup

  • Sales Support, Web Technical Support in Financial Education Content Provider

  • Support for Japanese startups to establish companies in Estonia or use e-residency

Japanese culture and language-related services

Starting with translation and interpretation between English and Japanese, we create Japanese illustrations and manga, which is our specialty. 

Service Examples

  • English-Japanese translation and interpretationtran

  • Teaching at Japanese cultural events such as language, illustrations, and manga

  • Creation and translation of Japanese content such as web banners, characters, webtoons, etc.

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